Persian Rugs For Eco-Friendly Home – Rugs Canada

Persian Rugs To Decorate Eco-Friendly Home – Rugs Canada


Eco-friendly decorating is more than just a passing trend. This healthy pro-environment lifestyle is here to stay. According to some of the top interior decor experts. Selecting Persian rugs is the perfect way to highlight your eco-friendly lifestyle and tasteful decor style. Here Rugs Canada describes some of the reasons why Persian rugs or designer rugs for sale considered eco-friendly.


Wool Persian rugs for sale manufactured from natural fibres, and plant-based or vegetable-based dyes, which are environmentally-friendly. Sheep grow a new coat of wool, and the plants and vegetables that the dyes extracted from will grow new leaves, bear new fruit, and continue to live and thrive. No animals harmed during the making of a wool rug Canada. And no plants permanently destroyed in the process.

Wool is also much more durable than synthetics, so the fibres won’t break down as quickly. And when they do, there are no harmful chemicals released into the air.


Wool is an extremely warm and soft fabric. In addition to bringing warmth to your home with their bright colours and vivid patterns. Oriental rugs online for sale made of wool also act as a warm barrier between your feet and the cold flooring. With something so soft and warm under your feet, you won’t feel the need to raise the thermostat by too much, which is a huge eco-friendly measure.

Giving Back to the Global Community

Many Oriental Persian rugs for sale hand-woven, hand-knotted by women and, sometimes, entire families. These families can make a decent living from their work. And because everything about a rugs Canada being made doesn’t harm people or animals. This is better for the environment and the global economy.

Sheep will grow new wool, plants will bear fruit and leaves, and the children of these artisans will grow up, get married, have children of their own, and continue the family business of farming the sheep, growing the crops, and making the designer rugs, just as their ancestors have for generations.

When you purchase a rugs Canada that has been hand-woven and hand-knotted. You helping families continue a tradition and sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle that has a positive impact not only on their small communities but on a global scale.

Heirloom Quality

When you buy hand-woven or hand-knotted wool Oriental rugs Canada. You buying a piece of home decor that may well outlive several generations. Some of the most beautiful designer rugs in home decor have been in families for several generations. With proper maintenance and care, Oriental rugs for sale look as good as new for several years, adding value to your home, and to the homes of those you choose to pass it on to.

This means there is no need to get into an environmentally wasteful cycle of using up resources unnecessarily in the manufacture of flooring that will only last a few years.

Ecological home decor helps the entire world. The purchase, use, and maintenance of Oriental designer rugs Canada increase the worth of your home while maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a win-win situation.

Buy Rugs Canada

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Home Decorating With Persian Rugs Canada

Persian Rugs Canada The Best Choice For Home Decor


If you are planning on decorating your home with hand-knotted Persian rugs Canada you must take time to understand the difference between the hand-knotted Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. Rugsville often uses these terms interchangeably, but a Persian rug expert knows there is a huge difference between the two designer rugs Canada.

Difference Between Persian Rugs And Oriental Rugs

Origin of the Rugs Canada

Any rug that handmade in China, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran, known as a hand-knotted Oriental rug. On the other hand, any rug that hand-knotted made by specialist weavers in Iran known as a Persian rug. This is the major difference between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs.

Persian rugs Toronto are considered to be the finest designer rugs as they are made by artisans who have learned their craft from their elders as children. The hand-weaving of Persian style rugs has a long history and the designs that the artisan chooses to make is usually specific to the region where the artisan lives.

Design and Pattern Of Rugs Canada

Persian rugs and Oriental rugs for sale are completely different when it comes to design and pattern. Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, and Heriz are some of the most well-known Persian rug designs. All of these designer rugs Canada named after the villages and towns in Iran. Where these designs are woven by nomadic tribes or artisans, and each has their own particular pattern of weaving and style. Most designs narrate a story about the local heritage and make use of vibrantly colored fibers.

The oriental rugs showcase the customs and traditions that are practiced and followed in the specific regions they are made. A good example is handmade silk area rugs from China. That often comes with Buddhist motifs and in colors that are traditional.

How To Select The Perfect Rugs Canada For Your Home

If you are looking to decorate your home with a hand-knotted Persian rug. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best indoor outdoor rugs for your home:

Color and Pattern

Your search for the ideal rug should begin with the color and pattern. If your home already furnished, you should select a rug color that fits in with the existing color palette in the room. Typically, neutral and single-colored Persian rugs for sale are the best option. Remember, patterned Persian rugs are more colorful and one rug may have different shades and colors. It is best to purchase such a rug first. Then furnish the room based on the color scheme of the designer rug.


The texture determined by the material used make the rug and the number of knots per square inch of the rug. The more knots per square inch will make the texture smoother. Likewise, when an artisan uses silk, the texture will be smoother compared to wool. It is best to mix textures in a room to give it a richer look and feel. Contrast the texture of the Persian rug with the finish of the furniture, pouf Canada, Canada mirror to choose the right hand-knotted Persian rug.


Hand-knotted Persian rugs Toronto are available in a range of sizes. Ideally, you should look for a rug that fits the seating area comfortably and that is neither too large nor too small.

Where To Buy Rugs Canada

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Choose Your Best Modern Rugs Online To Decor Home

Modern Rugs Online For Better Home interior

Interior designing the flooring is an important element today. To make Your Decoration more effective your floors should be matched with other decorative items installed in your home. It should match according to the theme you have for your room or home. If you decorated your floors with laminate or tiles, wood, without an area rug that means your floor decoration is not completed. So, An area rug is flooring accessory to give complete your home decoration. If in your home, there are mostly youngster then you should choose Modern Rugs.


Jaipur Rugs

Why Choose Modern Rugs?

Basically the use of rugs for providing comfortability and inviting to a home decor. But choosing the right rug is a very important thing. As the graph of Demand for modern style rugs increasing, you should wisely choose modern designs for your living room to decor your floor. Rugs traditionally designed as an inspired piece of work since thousands of years but the transformation from traditional to modern increases the demands. These rugs gaining popularity rapidly in metro cities. The reason behind is, it suits the modern lifestyle. A modern rug is generally an expression of an artist and some beautiful stories behind the art. Most of the modern rugs waivers craft rugs by taking inspiration from a masterpiece or a painting.


Dynamic Rugs


Material Used For Making Modern Rugs

If you are going to renovate your decor and planned to buy a modern rug online or offline then you should be making the plan. The rug should be purchased according to the durability and where you want to install.

For making modern rugs the weavers mostly use jute, seagrass, cotton, wool, etc. and it’s on you which one will be perfect for durability according to installation place.  As we are also an Online Rugs Store serving our product and services in many countries including Canada. From here, you can find different materials made modern rugs, more durable than other modern rugs. So, from our Online Home Store, you can purchase your best modern rugs online in Canada.

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Oriental Weavers of Rugs

Home Decor Oriental Rugs Weavers

Oriental weavers of America create some of the most amazing rugs. Each of the oriental weaver’s rugs is unique since they are handmade, and take a lot of time to create. No matter if you buy a silk, wool, or cotton rug, you can be proud to display them and pass down your rug made by the oriental weavers of America.



There are many people who would state that owning a sphinx by oriental weavers is impractical for their home since they have children or pets, or that the prices are too high. There are also people who believe that only the pattern and the color of the rug matter, not how the rug is made. The reality is that each of the sphinxes by oriental weavers on took hours for skilled weavers to create. Oriental weaver’s rugs are designed to last a long time. Knowing where to shop also affects the cost of the oriental weaver’s rugs. Along with the better workmanship that goes into oriental weaver’s rugs, here are other benefits of owning one.

1. Most Durable Rugs

Since oriental weavers handcraft each rug, they are one of the most durable rugs on the market. This is because oriental weaver’s rugs do not contain any glues or adhesives. Machine made rugs break down, due to the glue or the adhesive that is used to create the rug dissolving. Sphinx by oriental weavers is looped into an adjacent knot and secured with another knot. This method means that a Sphinx by oriental weavers will hold up over decades of heavy traffic.



2. Easy Cleaning

Oriental weavers rugs are made with no chemicals like adhesives that reach with water and you can clean your rug with no worry. It is still recommended that you take your oriental weavers rugs to a professional cleaner at least once a year to make sure that it is clean, and taken care of correctly.

3. Patterns and Colors

Since oriental weaver’s sphinxes are the most fashionable and trend setting of the rug world, there is a huge amount of different patterns and colors. This makes it very easy to find an oriental weaver rug that fits your room and decor.

Like many other items, you normally get what you pay for. Oriental weaver’s sphinx rugs are designed to last a long time and have great colors and patterns.

oriental weavers

oriental weavers makes shopping for an oriental weaver’s sphinx rug easy and affordable. Many of the oriental weaver’s sphinx rugs are priced much lower than other online shops with the same rugs. Every rug is luxurious in both feel and look, so there is an oriental weaver’s sphinx rug for every room in a home.