Tribal Rugs For Beautify Your Home

All  About Tribal Area Rugs for Beautify Your Home

We all know about the importance of Area Rugs. This is not only for the purpose of floor covering that also express your personality, lifestyle and much more. Because a carpet will first express most of the things about you and your style among your guest. So, here we will discuss thousand-year-old Traditional Rug making art “Tribal Area Rugs“.The Tribal Rug weaving technique is a gift that is offered by ancestors of nomadic people. That rug making technique is about thousand years old. So, here we will discuss the best things related to Tribal Rugs such as its beautiful features, designs, making, where to buy etc.Rugsville tribal rugs for home canada

Best Features of Tribal Rugs

The Tribal Rugs are the most ancient art of Nomadic. The Nomadic peoples are still holding this art by making area rugs in the same way and preserving it like a gift of their ancestors. So, below we are mentioning some exciting features that will definitely excite you:

  • The Tribal rugs are very durable due to old knotting techniques used.
  • For coloring this carpet still vegetable dyes are used to give original texture and look.
  • Because of natural vegetable dyes, their colors will stay for a long time and free of chemicals.
  • In tribal rugs, the bold shapes or softer geometric designs are used that’s why their designs are unique, beautiful and attractive.
  • For making an original Tribal Rugs wool, silk, jute and any natural fibre may be used.
  • To make it durable and good in texture the artisans use hand knotted technique.
  • Basically, the tribal area rugs are made in a rectangular shape.
  • Mostly, decorating Tribal area rugs maximum contrast colors are used.

Designs and Patterns

The Tribal art is one of the oldest art in the world. The Tribal rugs are famous gsdue to bold pictures those seem like pilgrimage designs. The specialty of tribal rugs is its colourful patterns. For making unique tribal area rugs the rug makers always believe in using a different type of hand knotting techniques.  According to types of pattern and designs, the tribal rugs have different types such as Gabbeh, Abadeh, Kazak, Serapi, and Yatak rugs.


Suzani Sari Silk Hand Knotted Gray Rug 30062 4' x 6'Rugsville Vintage Classic Hand Knotted Greyish Beige Wool Rug (6' x 9') Rugsville Vintage Tribal Kazak Tomato Red Hand Knotted Rug (4'1 x 6'8)Jaipur Medallion Hand Knotted Wool Beige Rug 19218

Where to Buy

If you want to give your home a unique tribal look then you must try Tribal area rugs. The use of Tribal carpet for home decoration is the best choice for giving your home a trendy look because its colorful pattern and design will fill your home with their colors. If you are planning to buy a Tribal area rug online in Canada then you must visit on the Rugsville, the best home decor online shopping store for purchasing best price home decor products. Here you will find best of the best collection of Original Tribal Rug. Their area rugs are best in durability, designs, colors, etc. Along with all beautiful features of their rugs and services, they will also offer free shipping charge facilities.



All About Beautiful Transitional Rugs

All Beautiful Things About Transitional Rugs

The transitional area rugs are the result of the fusion of Traditional and Modern Area Rugs. These area rugs made by using transitional style, that means classic with a contemporary twist. This fusion on area rugs gives this area rugs a special appearance. If you love traditional art and living in a modern society that’s why want to decorate your home by giving a modern look with traditional touch then you must try Transitional Rug. So, here in this blog, we will discuss all the beautiful features, manufacturing, where to buy, etc.

Transitional Area Rugs Features

If the tried decorate your home by installing an oriental area rug like Persian, Traditional, Tribal, etc or the modern rug like contemporary area rugs then you will also like a fusion of both area rugs. Along with this feature, we mentioning more below:

  • They mostly made by using hand knotted technique.
  • It will give your home modern traditional look.
  • These area rugs may be made with materials like silk, wool, etc.
  • The transitional area rugs mostly available in a rectangular shape.
  • On these area rugs the more contrast colors used for contrasting traditional designs.
  • The pile width of this area rug may be up to 10mm.
  • For decorating this area rugs most famous old classic designs like Oriental, TraditionalPersian, GabbehTribal, floral, etc.
  • On a perfect transitional area rug, the border is absent.


    Beckham Sky Blue Area Rug by Dalyn Rug Co.    Beckham Sky Blue Area Rug by Dalyn Rug Co.   


The manufacturing of Transitional Area Rugs similar like all hand knotted area rugs. For making these carpets good quality material is used such as wool, silk, etc. While making these carpets, the rugs makers always keep the background of the area rugs light so they can contrast art with high contrasting colors. For modern look border, the rug artesian make it border less. Below, you can see perfect examples of Transitional Rugs.

Transitional Rug Care

The care of this area rugs is similar like other rugs. You can take care your transitional rugs by following some tips such as:

  • Keep cleaning your transitional area rug regularly by vacuuming or other technique
  • Don’t sense or smudge your Transitional carpet too much, it can damage your carpet.
  • Don’t try to pull rugs with loose ends of it.
  • Keep away your rug with moisture for this you can use the rug pad.
  • If any thread from any part comes out from the carpet then immediately cut from there, because it can damage the designs or pattern.

Where To Buy

If you are going to decorate your home by giving modern look then you must try transitional area rugs. So, for the best collection of the transitional rug, you must go on the best home decor online shopping portal in USA, Rugsville. Here, long with transitional area rugs, you can find Persian, Tibetan, Tribal, Shaggy, Traditional, Ikat, kilim, silk, Gabbeh area rugs. So, choose a better brand for a better result like Rugsville.

All Beautiful Things About Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs

Beautiful Things About Patchwork Vintage  Color Wash Rugs

We almost know about the importance of Area Rugs in Home. We are using area rugs for decorating our homes by giving many type looks such as modern, traditional, Tribal, Contemporary. Now we know, area rugs can transform our home as we like. Today people buying Persian, silk, Jaipur rugs in the Canada for giving their home a royal traditional look. For modern look they contemporary, ikat, modern area rugs are widely used in home decor. But, did you ever tried beautiful Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Area Rugs Online Canada. Here, we are going to discuss beautiful things related to Patchwork Vintage Color Wash area rugs manufacturing, installation, care, advantages and where to buy online in the Canada.Blue patchwork overdyed rugs canada


If we ever heard about “Patchwork Vintage Color Wash” word we can easily imagine the manufacturing of this area rug. So, for understanding this rugs manufacturing we are describing the whole process in the form of points-

  • Here word “vintage” is for because for manufacturing this beautiful rug patchwork vintage area rugs are used
  • These patchwork vintage rugs then cut in many pieces.
  • After that, these pieces are joint by tightly stitching in the rectangular shape.
  • Then this rug is ready for final process color which is a color wash.
  • In this process, the stitched area rug is the color wash. This color chosen for color washed,  different from the actual color of the prepared area rugs. That means these will seems like overdyed rugs.
  • After that, the rug allowed to dry.
  • Then this rug forwarded for the finishing process. Then your patchwork vintage color wash prepared for Home Decor.

Specialty of Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Area Rugs

After reading out the manufacturing of patchwork vintage color wash area rug you must want to know about the advantage and specialty of this area rug. So, here we are dictating the most beautiful things about this area rug.

  • Due to tight stitching for joining the pieces of rugs the durability of this rug is also increased.
  • It looks like a piece of modern art. So, if you want to give your home a modern look then Patchwork Vintage Colour Wash Rugs is the best option.
  • One thing is for this patchwork vintage color wash rug is its color which makes it more special. Because the color of this rug is unique because of color wash gave while manufacturing it.
  • The installation of these  rugs is so simple.
  • Due to deep color wash the color of this rug remains long lasting.Rugsville vintage color wash rugs

Installation and Care

If you purchased or planning to buy a Beautiful vintage color washed rug in Canada, then you must know about the installation of it. The installation of this rug is much similar like another rugs or carpets but we have to consider some points while installing it in our home:

  • If your vintage color wash rug color quality is not so good then you must keep away from the most surface.
  • For increasing the durability of this area rug you can use rug pads because it will keep safe your area rug from moist, dust, etc.
  • Don’t pick the rug from the loose corner.
  • Regular clean up rug.
  • Don’t install this carpet on the very rough surface, it can damage your area rug.

Where to Buy

If you are planning to buy a beautiful patchwork vintage color wash rugs Canada  for decorating your home then Rugsville is the best shopping portal in Canada for home decor area rugs. Buy vintage color wash area rugs canadaHere, you will find very attractive appealing vegetable dye vintage color wash rugs which color remains long lasting. With high-quality durable rugs in traditional, modern, contemporary, Persian style.



Beautiful Things Behind Moroccan Rugs

All the Beautiful Things Behind Moroccan Rugs

Many peoples don’t know about the beautiful things Moroccan rugs such as its origin, manufacturing, advantages, and care. In the entire world, the Moroccan rugs are famous for its design, features, durability, etc. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. So, here we will discuss all the things related with Moroccan Rugs like its origin, manufacturing, care and where to buy.Rugsville Salma Tribal Taupe Beige Wool Moroccan Rug 19057 5.3x8.4

Origin of Moroccan Rugs

The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of rug making in Moroccan very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.

Manufacturing of Moroccan Carpets

The Moroccan carpets weaving similar like all the carpets. Now, we will discuss all whole manufacturing of Moroccan area rugs like what material used, weaving style, design, etc.

  • First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
  • This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give color.
  • After that, the washed wool left for dry.
  • Then, wool sent for making threads.
  • After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
  • For making  Moroccan Rugs two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted.
  • After that, rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.

How to Care

The care of Moroccan rugs not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as:

  • Keep away from flame
  • Regular cleaning of Moroccan rug is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily.
  • Keep away from stains, if anything spilled on it, immediately wash it.
  • While washing it, don’t rinse too much so its thread damage.
  • Don’t try to pick the Moroccan Carpet from the loose portion.

Where to Buy Moroccan Rugs Online


If you are going to buy or planning a Moroccan Rug then Rugsville is the best place. Because The Rugsville understands the importance originality among the peoples, that’s why their Moroccan carpets are designed with original pattern and weaving style.Rugsville moroccan rugs online canada So, if want original Moroccan Rug then you must visit there once. Some Rugsville Moroccan Carpets are shown below.


Decorate Your Home With Traditional & Modern Decorative Pillows Online

Best Collection of Decorative Pillows Online For Modern & Traditional Look

Our many beautiful memories are attached with the pillows since our childhood. It used as a playing thing, for taking rest, etc. So, these also played an important part in our life since our childhood. If you are searching for a good quality decorative pillows then you must know about the things those will help you to choose perfect pillows. A perfect pillow means that matches your style, matches your home interior, good quality material filling, etc. So here we will help you to make a good decision while choosing Decorative Pillows for bed, sofa, chair, etc. and the place where you can pick your decorative pillow.

Tips for Choosing Good Quality Decorative Pillows Online

Choosing of decorative pillow online is not an easy task, we already know. While choosing decorative pillows online we must notice the decorative pillows quality like color, size, filling material, durability, etc. If we do not consider these points while buying decorative pillow then the probability of getting bad quality product is increased. So, beware from these disaster results we are giving you some guideline below.

  • If you are purchasing a printed pillow online, you must read about printed dye used to print pillow. The vegetable dye printed pillows are the best because these are free from chemical and remains for a long time.
  • Think about the size of  a pillow- If you are buying a decorative pillow online than us must examine the size of a pillow smartly. Because in many websites size is not dictated in the description. So, you must examine the size by seeing on images of the product.
  • Filling material The durability of a pillow always depends on the filling material of the decorative pillow. So, here are the best pillows filling material such as-

2.Polyester Pellets
4.Beanbag Filler
6.Down and Other Feathers
8.Horsehair, etc

  • Pillow Cover- For printing on pillow cover vegetable dyes or harmful chemical free colors must be used. Choosing cotton and linen pillow cover is the best option for your home furniture because of its durability, soft texture, etc.

Where To Buy Decorative Pillows For Your Home

The Rugsville is the best place where you can find the best quality pillows and pillow covers online India. Their pillows are looks pretty with modern, ikat designs. They have a good collection of best  pillows with quality filling material along with cotton and linen Printed Pillow cover. The best thing about their decorative pillows and pillow covers is they have ikat, hand printed, modern, handmade pillows. Here we are presenting some decorative pillows online in different-different categories.

Rugsville Traditional Style Decorative Pillows

Here we are presenting some Traditional Style Decorative Pillows You will love it.Rugsville jaipur pillows online canada

Rugsville Modern Decorative Pillow

If you want to modernize your home then you must try our modern decorative pillows some are shown below.Rugsville modern pillows canada online

So, On Rugsville you can find all type of pillows online to decorate your home furniture.



Appealing Collection of Persian Rugs For Home Decor

Best Collection of Decorative Persian Rugs For Brighten Your Home

We all know about the Persian Empire and their interest in Art.  The Persian Empire is also popular a with the name “Farsh” means spread. The Persia is the ancient kingdom in Iran so, Iran is the origin of Persian Carpets that why the Persian rugs are also known as Iranian Rugs. The specialty of Iranian rugs is the beautiful designs which give a rug a rich feel. In Persia, rugs makers follow their traditional art while making or designing Persian Area rugs.Rugsville Persian rugs online canada

The specialty of Persian Carpets design is the use of gems and stones images in many patterns like the floral pattern, etc. After seeing their art and meaning of their country name we can understand the beautiful motive of the Persian Empire People, they wanted to spread their art in all around the world. Now, we can say that their dreams come true because we all love their arts.


In these days peoples respect for Persian Art and Culture increases. Now, peoples love to decorate their homes using Persian area rugs and carpets. The graph of buying Persian rugs in the Canada from online shopping portal is also increasing. So, we can say we all love and respect Persian Rugs and Carpets. If you also want welcome a piece of Persian Art and culture and decorate your home then you can buy it from Best Online shopping portal of Rugs Canada, Rugsville.

Rugsville Persian Rugs Canada

If you are thinking that “why we choose Rugsville” for Buy Persian Rugs and Carpets then we have a good answer for you. The Rugsville have the best collection of Persian Carpets with beautiful features like as:

  • Beautifully designed by expert Persian Rugs Designers.
  • The Best quality wool used to make Persian Carpets or Rugs.
  • For weaving Persian Rugs best Knotting technique is Used.
  • The soft pile gives the are rugs velvety feel.
  • Have good pile height about 1.5 to cm for a soft feel.
  • Highly durable because tight knotting technique used.
  • To keep your home full of bright beautiful colors, natural dyes used to print.
  • They have Persian Rugs in many sizes, colors, patterns.
  • The specialty of  Rugsville Persian Carpets is their authentic Persian Designs to give rugs Oriental look.
  • The Rugsville have a beautiful and attractive collection of Runners and Round rugs for your living room.

So, below we are presenting our some Persian Rugs with appealing looks and designs.

Rugsville Afghan Peshwar Beige Hand Knotted Rug

This Persian style rug is the best choice for home décor. This rug is beautifully crafted by using hand Knotted technique. For giving detailing on this Persian Carpet Beige color as its primary color  and Gold for making beautiful Persian designs on it on black background. If you want to take a look on this Persian Rug then we submitted some pics below in this blog.Rugsville Afghan Peshwar Beige Hand Knotted Rug (4' x 6')


Rugsville Persian Kashan Traditional Red Hand Knottted Silk Rug

The Jaipur designs are very famous around the world. On the basis of peoples interest and demand, the Rugsville, the best online home shopping portal add up Best piece of Jaipur art in their rugs collection. The Rugsville Persian Kashan Traditional Red Hand Knottted Silk Rug is a master piece that reflects original beauty of Jaipur Art. This rug is made using 100% wool. To decorate it, our experienced rug makers used red & black color and made a beautiful floral pattern on whole rugs in Oriental Style.

Rugsville Vintage Tree of Life Hand Knotted Gray Rug

Again we are introducing a Jaipur rugs to decorate your home with their tremendous piece of art in the form of an area rug. The Rugsville Vintage Tree of Life Hand Knotted Gray Rug is 100% hand knotted wool rug. The floral pattern crafted on the carpets is increasing the beauty of this area rugs. If you really love Jaipur Rugs then you will also love it.Rugsville Vintage Tree of Life Hand Knotted Gray Rug (4' x 6')

So, if you want to decorate your home antique Persian Rugs then you must visit Rugsville for best area rugs in canada.

Decorative Mirrors Those Tell The Truth

Some Rugsville Appealing Decorative Mirrors  Those Always Tell The Truth

In our childhood, we love all to hear tells for fairies, devils, king, queens, etc. In these stories we also heard about the mirrors, those tell truth. These lovely adventurous was always tell by mostly our grandmothers. That’s why, our love for our mother, grandmother, maternal grandmothers becomes more. In these grandmother stories, we heard many times about magical mirrors with some supernatural powers. These mirrors are pretty designed using antique art and a wizard was using this mirror for seeing the future. Whenever we heard about this magical mirrors or seen in kids shows on Television, we always think, one mirror should be near to us. If you are also thinking as I, then here we will tell you about a secret place where you can find your childhood magical mirror. These decorative mirrors will definitely make your dreams come true.

Antique Decorative Mirrors For Home Decor

The Rugsville antique mirrors will make you excited and will definitely fresh your old memories. Their decorative mirrors are looks beautiful with appealing antique designs as you see in kids television shows and in comic books. For giving the originality in designs as like your childhood tales these mirrors boundaries decorated with classic designs. These are oval in shape. Here below we are presenting some antique decorative mirrors from Rugsville.

Rugsville decorative mirrors online canada

So, if you are searching for these type of decorative mirrors then Rugsville is the best place. These Rugsville antique mirror collection will definitely fulfill the requirement of Decorative Bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, Canada mirror, etc.

Some Decorative Floor Mirrors

The Rugsville also have some antique big size mirrors. These decorative floor mirrors collection will also take you in the childhood because these mirrors are designed similarly as you seen in your childhood tales. In these tales, the wizard was using these mirrors for time travel, move one place to another in a short time. The Rugsville add up these floor mirrors on the basis of this theme. These floor mirrors are decorated with antique designs which give these floor mirrors a classy look. These Rugsville big size floor mirrors will definitely brighten your home. Antique floor mirror canada

Trendy Daily Mirrors

We always try to know about the taste of every person. So, we are presenting trendy beautiful daily mirrors. Their daily mirrors are designed using modern, antique and contemporary designs. The mirror glass is fixed in a best class material boundary. Here you can find all the type daily mirrors and will definitely match your match your taste. So, here we are presenting some daily mirrors for you.

Buy antique daily mirrror online canada

So, Rugsville is the best online shopping store in the USA where your search for bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, daily mirrors, Canada mirrors, decorative mirrors and antique mirrors will stop.

Tips for Buying Best Pets Area Rugs

Best Collection Pets Area Rugs Area Rugs You’ll Love 

Many peoples those loves animals, adopt them, care them then this is for them. We all love to decorate our homes but sometimes all of our efforts gone waste because of our pets. We all love wild and cute animals sometimes for security and sometimes to keep himself/ herself away from loneliness. Generally, we adopt dogs, cats, puppies, birds, etc. We play with them on sofa, rugs, carpets, etc. but whenever they are alone sometimes they start playing with your furniture, rugs and carpets and we get the worst result of it like a damage, carpet, rugs, sofa, etc. Sometimes some intelligent people left their pets away from the sofa but they always forgot they can’t keep safe their carpets from them. If you are also facing this type of problem then, here we are we have some good best pets area rugs and carpets for solving your problemsBuy pets rugs ca online


How to Select Rugs for Pets

If you are living with the pets like dogs, rabbits, rats, cats, etc.  and also want to keep your rug or carpet that you installed in the home to decorate by investing lots of money on it. If we adopt any pet then we must know about the two faces of it, one face contains their beauty and second is their care. There are lots of naughty things look after pets like their naughty activities, they move anywhere, tear furniture carpets, they do dirty things like pissing anywhere. To keep away from worries about carpet cleaning, damaging, stains, etc. a carpet must have following advantages such as:

  • A pet carpet or rug must be durable and easy to carry.
  • It must be made of a known reactive material like Polypropylene (Olefin), Polyester, etc.
  • 0% moisture absorption to reduce pet odors.
  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection.
  • Easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet.
  • Must have spill and soil shield.
  • Easy to clean.Buy pets shaggy rugs canada online

Where to Buy

If you are searching for best pets rugs then you can visit Rugsville an official website for best carpets and rugs carpets and rugs. The Rugsville have the best pets carpets and rugs collection for home décor. The Rugsville also thinks about the care of your pets like dogs, puppy, cats, etc. along with your home. So, the Rugsville is an only place where you can find the best pets carpets or rugs with good feature like durability, colors, large size, comfort, 0% absorption capacity, etc. To buy the best carpet or a rug for your pet online then visit Rugsville. Your pets will love their carpets and rugs.


Children’s Rugs For Your kids They Will Love It

Best Children’s Rugs For Kids

We all love children’s and always thinks about their care and fill their needs. To keep them happy we fulfil all their demands, buy toys for them, decorate their rooms, etc. We all try to keep them happy. To make them happier we bring you a large collection of Children’s rugs for your lovely kids because of their rooms not only for the life they do various things inside such as they play, learn, explore, sleep, etc. and for these activities they mostly they use the floor.Buy childrens rugs online ca


To keep them safe from cold, accident due to the slippery surface, decorate their room. So here we are describing things to keep in mind before buying a children rug these are as:

  • A kid rugs will be according to their room size.
  • It must be fluffy with the soft pile.
  • If you are searching a rugs or mat for your baby then you must choose a rug with 0% absorbent capacity with a long soft pile to keep them dry.
  • For study purpose, a children rug must have small piles with a soft texture.
  • Rug must be dyed with natural vegetable colors.
  • The carpet must be light so they can easily adjust it in their room.
  • A children rug color must be chosen according to the gender.

Here we suggesting the some children’s rugs for your kids

Girl’s Pink Rugs You’ll love it


Momeni Lil Mo Hipster Hand Tufted Polyester Rug LMT-6FKYThe Rugsville understand all the requirement and their interest. If you are searching a rug for your baby girl then this must be beautiful, cute soft and should look like a part of the fairy tale such as:

  1. Most probably all the girls love pink color like just like their pink cheeks so best color must for your lovely baby girl is pink they will definitely love a Pink rug in their room.
  2. A baby girl rug should be soft like their soft hands.
  3. A kid girl rug should contain beautiful pictures of fairies just like your baby girl.
  4. After all beautiful feature of the rug, we must focus on durability, manufacturing and one important thing, which is its brand.

So, we Rugsville is presenting the best product that contains all the features as we mentioned above which is Momeni Lil Mo Hipster Hand Tufted Polyester Rug“. In this rug, you will see the best artistic combination colors, pictures, designs on a beautiful soft pink rug.

Boys Rugs You’ll love it


As we suggested good rugs for your baby girl no it’s time to discuss on the taste of a baby boy. If you are searching a rug a baby girl boy then you must know about his taste, what he likes most. Below, we are mentioning all the features that must have a baby boy rugs:

Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy Hand Tufted Polyester Rug LMJ22BLK1. The baby boy rugs must be colourful.

2. A baby boy rug must have the soft pile.

3. The best baby boy rug contains good pictures that match their ambitions and keep inspiring them.

4. For study purpose, children rug pile must be no longer enough to waste their precious time in searching of their pencils, erasers, etc. in a rug.

A rug must cover an almost uncovered area of their room.

So, here we are presenting a best baby boy children rug from Rugsville and they gave it a beautiful nameMomeni Lil Mo Whimsy Hand Tufted Polyester Rug. In this rug, you will see a good combination of colors and your baby kid will love it when you install it in their room. For more information about this product please click on an image of this beautiful children rug.


Buy decorative children's rugs online canada

For more beautiful, inspirational children rugs for boy or girl click here.

Appealing Red Carpet Collection For Home Decor

Beautiful Red Carpet Collection From Rugsville

Whenever we heard the word “Red Carpet” a picture of a Hollywood Actors and Actress came in our mind. Today everyone knows about Hollywood and how this word red carpet attached with Hollywood. The people in many countries use red carpet to show the route for a VIP person. If you want to feel the royalty and respect like a VIP person, a celebrity of Hollywood, Prime Minister, President, etc, then you will like our collection of Royal Red Carpets and Rugs. In the collection of Rugsville many red carpets and rugs that can with jaw dropping looks and offers. The Rugville offering you soft pile, shiny, with attractive design and looks to decorate and increase the beauty of your home. Here we are presenting some of our red carpet specials.

Rugsville Ziegler Brown Red Carpet

This red carpet is prepared by using hand knotted technique and give it a Ziegler Design (Chobi rugs or Peshawar rugs). In Ziegler Design an artisan makes beautiful floral pattern mostly in Persian style with shiny gold colour. Due to its name and attractive design on Rugsville gave it a unique name “Rugsville Ziegler Brown Runner Wool rug“. This rug is made of 100 % Wool on the theme of  Royal Hollywood Movie. Whenever you walk on it, you feel like a king because of its bouncy soft pile surface. The royal traditional golden colour art on red brown background surface making it more appealing and attractive. Through this red carpet, you can fill your home with the beautiful bright red colour of this beautiful carpet. This can make a good combination with your stairs, living room, dining room, gallery.

Buy runner rugs canada online


Rugsville Kashmir Silk Red Carpet

Everyone knows about the quality of quality of shiny Kashmir silk. The carpet making one of the oldest traditions in Kashmir and become famous due to its shiny, bright, soft texture and became more popular after using it Hollywood movies, award shows like Oscar, etc. The Heriz Traditional Red Black Hand Knotted Silk Rug is a master piece that is decorated by experienced artisans with beautiful red and black colors. Through this carpet, you can decorate your home, living room, stairs beautifully without taking help of an Interior designer. The appealing design of this red carpet will help you to attract someone. You can buy it directly from Rugsville online in Canada and they will deliver it to you at your door step by free shipping services.Buy kashmir silk rugs online canada


A Hollywood Red Carpet with Bouncy Feel

If you ever heard a word shaggy then it definitely reminds about your long hair pet, blanket, teddy etc. can you imagine about shaggy carpet or rug. Today the Rugsville offering you a bouncy, fluffy red carpet or rugs which are totally hand made. This red carpet or rug will make you feel like you are gliding in the air when you will walk on it.Rugsville Embellishing Red Shag Rug 22045


You will love its shaggy smooth, gentle feel. According to its advantages, we gave it an attractive name which is “Rugsville Designer Shaggy Handmade Red Rug”. This shaggy rug is made with Polyester & cotton. The shag of its very lengthy in comparison with other shaggy rugs. So, don’t buy these carpets and rugs now.