Handmade Oriental Rugs: How to Tell if they Are Genuine

Know About Genuine Handmade Oriental Rugs 

Shopping for handmade oriental rugs is not going to be an easy task. Aside from having too many choices, you might also find yourself having a hard time telling which one is genuine and which one is not. Price alone is not an enough consideration. Even cheap oriental rugs can be authentic, provided that they are from a trusted seller. With this, keep on reading, and we’ll let you know some of the best ways to let you know if your rugs are real.

Rugsville Mahal Oriental Vegetable dyes Wool Rug SKU 10303

Rugsville Mahal Oriental Vegetable dyes Wool Rug

Look at the Materials that Are Used

When looking for handmade oriental rugs for sale, if you want to be sure that they are genuine, one of the first things that should be looked at would be the materials that are used. In this case, some of the most popular are wool, cotton, silk, animal hair, and jute. These are all natural materials. If it is made from synthetic materials or blended fibers, they are not real. Manufacturers opt for the latter if they want to sell their oriental rugs at a cheap price.

Look at the Back of the Rug

There are many discount oriental rugs with a hard back that seems to be made from plastic. This is one of the obvious indications of being a fake. Authentic handmade oriental rugs will have a back that is soft, which will also match the pattern in the front. If it is authentic, there should not be any form of backing, except the actual thread. So, don’t forget to focus on this thing before buying any Oriental Rugs because durability of a rug is depends on it.

Look at the Design and Color

If you are looking for authentic blue oriental rugs or in any other color, see to it that it looks lively. If it looks dull and cheap, this is a sign that it is a fake. Trust your eyes. More often than not, from the first look, your instincts will already tell you if it is a fake product. Do not expect the design to be perfect. Since they are handmade, it is highly possible that there are inconsistencies that can be present. If you are searching for a best rugs for home décor you must focus on the colour combination and design of rug.

Some Important Things To Look

Look at What Others Are Saying

To tell if the oriental rugs are authentic or not, this is one of the easiest ways. Through reading online reviews, you can learn from the experiences of other people and use it as the basis for making a final decision.

Look at the Tag

You should also take time to inspect the tags of the oriental rugs. If it says that it is made in Iran, this is one thing that can provide you an assurance that the product is genuine. Also, consider the measurements that are stated and compare it on the actual size of the rug. Lastly, if it is handmade, chances are, such will be specified in the tag as well.

Five Fresh Takes On the Flokati Rug

Beautiful Collection of Flokati Rugs Online

The flokati rug was very popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s. However, the flokati rug has stuck around because they have a luxurious feeling to them and can be used in many rooms in any home. Traditionally, a flokati rug was made from wool and handwoven in Greece. Today, you can find a flokati rug made from other materials, and you can find bright colors like a pink flokati rug. Here are five fresh takes on the flokati rug.

Rugsville Silky Shag Gold Rug SKU 10902

Rugsville Silky Shag Gold Rug

A White Flokati Rug on Hard Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are known for being cold on the feet, so a flokati rug can help. A bright white flokati rug can quickly divide a sitting space from the rest of the room, especially if the floors are dark hard wood. A flokati rug 8×10is a great option for dividing the space because you have room to place furniture on and around the rug.

In the Kids Room.

A round flokati rug is a wonderful addition to a kid’s bedroom. A flokati rug can add a play or sitting area to the room. Flokati rugs can also be used in teen’s bedrooms to add a soft texture to the room. The advantage of flokati rug is its soft touch which is very good for kids.

Under the Bed

A flokati rug is excellent in the bedroom, especially when the floor is cold in the morning. Most people also use their bedrooms for more than just sleeping, so the rug can help divide the space into different areas. Since flokati rugs come in a wide variety of colors today, you can find a rug that matches your bedroom or stick with the traditional white flokati rug.

Dividing the Space

An open floor plan can feel very overwhelming. Furniture can look like it is out of place if you do not visually divide the area. A flokati rug 8×10 can divide the space while drawing attention to different areas in the room. This is great for smaller apartments and homes when you are not sure what to do with the limited amount of space that you have.

Dressing Areas

The idea of having a flokati rug in a bathroom may seem like a strange idea, but it can make the space feel like a luxurious dressing area. Dressing areas are becoming a popular option in larger bathrooms because more people are moving their clothes and makeup into the bathroom. Even a walk-in closet can feel more like a luxurious dressing room, than a closet, with a flokati rug in it.

A flokati rug is wonderful addition to any room.  There are many ways that you can use a flokati rug to add softness, texture, or color to a room. If you want looking to buy a flokati rug, you should check out the flokati rug sale for great deals.

Wonderful Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Best Indoor Outdoor Rugs with Appealing Design

There are a number of factors that should be considered when one is choosing the right indoor outdoor rugs. Besides the appearance that you will get, the message or the theme you are trying to convey is essential. You should also pay attention to the shape, design, style and material used for the rugs. Finding cheap indoor outdoor rugs that are eco-friendly is critical for most people. An eco-friendly rug will not only give your home and patio area great appearance but will also preserve the environment. You can find many colorful indoor outdoor rugs that are made from recyclable materials, which do not pose any potential danger to the environment.

jaipur Indoor-Outdoor Rectangle Blue Polypropylene RUG

Consider Location for Indoor Outdoor Rugs

If you are going to place your large indoor outdoor rugs out in the sun, on the patio, you need to consider durability and resistance levels to the sun. In addition, the amount of traffic that will be stepping on your rugs will determine how long it will last. Find a rug that is easy to clean and does not fade easily. When you already have furniture, you should also consider the texture, style and the theme of your furniture and fittings. There are places where you will not need to have colorful. When you buy the summer indoor outdoor rugs 8×10, you can have some level of confidence that it will last for a long time. Areas that tend to be busy at all times like the kitchen, hall ways, entrance and so on will require quality rugs.

Recycled Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Many benefit associated with rugs recycled rugs. These are made from synthetic recycled materials. These rugs tend to dry faster after washing, and they are fade resistant. They also come in various colors and are ordinarily cheap. If your are searching for a durable, colorful cheap rugs than a recycled rugs can be your best choice.

Finding the Right Size and Shape

Before purchasing round indoor outdoor rugs, you should be very keen on the general design and architecture of the area. Key considerations should be pillars, fireplaces, fountains, posts and so much more. The large indoor outdoor rugs can be cut into the perfect shape and size, depending on the settings of the area.

If you are choosing a rug that will be placed under a table, the rugs should have a margin of about 2 feet, all round the table. Get large indoor outdoor rugs that will accommodate all your furniture without leaving any of the fittings out of the rug area. When you factor in all the conditions above in purchasing your indoor outdoor rugs, you will have an elegant patio area and indoor space. Do not be in a rush when finding the right rugs for the patio area; consider this as a long-term investment.

Why Modern Rugs are Best

Why Modern Rugs are Best for Home Décor

When it comes to purchasing a rug, there are quite a few things that you might want to take into account. Of course, your first priority is to find one which is the perfect fit for your home. In order to do so, you need to determine the type. Considering that we live in a dynamic world, buyimodern rug is without a doubt one of the most reasonable things that you can do, especially if you prefer the contemporary interior design. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at the things that need to be considered prior to buying a rug of the kind.

Rugsville Rug Modern Stripe Wool 12146 Ivory Green Gold SKU 12146

Rugsville Rug Modern Stripe Wool 12146 Ivory Green Gold

What is a 

Now, it’s obvious that the materials that the rugs are made out of aren’t characteristic – it is about the style and the patterns which are taken in hand. A modern rug is one which incorporates vibrant colors as well as vibrant patterns. There are different types of modern rugs and you need to go through a simple comparison in order to determine the one which is going to best suit your interior.

What are the Advantages of a Modern Rug?

Now, regardless of whether your home is furnished in a contemporary or in a traditional way, the truth is that the modern rug is going to add a very pleasing contrast to any kind of room. A lot of these solutions are particularly vibrant and are going to utterly cheer up the space, making it particularly pleasant. Furthermore, there is a tremendous amount of different options, designs as well as patterns to choose from so you can rest assured that everything is going to be perfect.

There are a lot of different materials that modern rugs are made out of, and they range from natural fibers like wool and cotton all the way to synthetic fiber and many more. In any case, the most important thing to consider when you visit a modern rug sale is to consider the design and how will it fit your room. Of course, you might want to ensure that the material that it’s made out of is also reliable and convenient. However, the design is usually decisive.

Make sure that the modern rug you decide to purchase is going to be perfectly fit for the room that you are going to place it in and it’s going to serve the purpose. This is important because there are certain models which are designed for usage in the bedroom, for instance, and there are those who are fit for using them in the living room.

Clean & Care for Shag Rugs

Shag rugs will never go out of style. As such, their popularity means that they are a favorite among home owners. Their soft surfaces are a delight to step on; their tenderness is loved by kids during play. It is, therefore, important that the cleanliness of these shag rugs is of the highest quality – you wouldn’t want your crawling toddler to play on something dirty, would you?

Different Types of Cleaning

Dirt Loosening
Dirt and debris might find its way onto your modern shag rugs. Cleaning this type of dirt is extremely easy and does not require any cleaning supplies – just the good old sun. It’s simple, just take the shag rug outside and suspend it on, say a railing. Using a regular house mop or broom, gently beat the Shag rugs in order to loosen the dirt, dust, and/or debris on the rugs. Don’t take it back inside immediately, leave it there to hang as the sun works its magic – killing bacteria and dust mites

Dirt Loosening

Vacuuming is important when it comes to cleaning your modern shag rugs. This can be done on a daily, weekly or sometimes monthly basis depending on how frequent these shag rugs are in use. This method of cleaning is also very simple. Set the vacuum cleaner head to high pile (check for this option on your vacuum cleaner) and then hover the rug thoroughly. Avoid using the vacuum’s beater bar and/or power head as this will damage the shag rugs. Finish by flipping over the rugs to reveal its woven base and vacuum it as well. Here, you can use the vacuum’s beater bar in order to remove any excess dirt.


Note: If your vacuum’s suction is too strong, avoid using the power head.

Dry Shampooing
Begin by sprinkling some cleaning absorbent on the shag rugs. An alternative would be to use carpet-shampoo granules for that random freshening. Using a vacuum (keep it turned off), brush the carpet-shampoo granules into the rug using the bristles of the vacuum head. As instructed on the shampoo label, let the absorbent sit on the shag rugs for that stipulated period of time. After that period of time has elapsed, proceed to vacuum all the carpet-shampoo granules out thoroughly. Your modern shag rugs should be clean as new.

Dry Shampooing

In general, cleaning and caring for shag rugs is a delicate process with some methods such as the dirt loosening method not requiring cleaning supplies. Other methods such as dry shampooing require cleaning absorbents.

If you are looking for rugs for sale, check our store for the quality rugs.

Native American Area Rugs

Best Native Area Rugs For Home Décor

Having a decent home or office is paramount, and there are so many ways to be achieve this. With Native American area rugs, you can convert any space to look fabulous. You do not need to spend so much money to achieve an elegant look in your home. There are so many different types and styles of rugs. Choosing the right shag area rugs requires some proper planning and putting a number of factors into consideration. Below are some easy steps that you can follow so as to find the suitable rugs for any place.

Consider the Floor Plan

While Native American rugs come in all shapes and sizes, for your specific rug, you would need to pay attention to the floor plan that you have. You need to look at the layout and determine the size of area rug you will need. Some of the common floor plans that may require large area rugs include classic, floating, dining and bedroom layouts. With each floor plan, you will need a different rug. All the same, you can find cheap area rugs for all the spaces that you need.

What is the Best Material for Area Rugs?

In order to answer this, you would need to factor in a number of considerations. For instance, you need to assess the number of people who will be stepping on the shag area rugs. In most cases, the hallway tends to have more people passing through that a bedroom. This means that the area rug in the hallway should be heavier that the one in the bedroom. When seeking for area rugs cheap, it does not necessarily mean that they are poor in terms of the quality.

Style and Design

Native American Area Rugs are availed in so many different patterns and shapes. Round area rugs tend to be ideal for open spaces. However, you should consider the other furniture and fittings so that you can match them it would be very disappointing when you buy red area rugs, only to get home and realize that they do not match with all the other items that you have. If you are not sure about color combinations, you should go for neutral color Area Rugs. Most interior designers suggest that you should buy the 8×10 area rugs first and then you can work on the design and the color of your walls later on.

Native American Area Rugs have been on the market for a long time. There are new patterns and designs as well as the vintage designs that you can buy. You should take time to check out all the options that are available on the market. Make use of your creativity, and you may also consult an expert so that you can pick the right rugs.

Different Types of Rugs – Rugsusa

Different types of Rugsusa Online Canada

Rugs come in different shapes, colors, sizes and material. These are just an example of the wide variety of rugs you are sure to find in our rugsusa store near you. Check our rugsusa online store for an even larger collection of the best rugs available.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton enjoys an unequalled share of popularity among homeowners as they are easy to maintain, yet give a room certain sophistication. Ranging from different colors and patterns, cotton rugs available at our rugsusa stores are suitable for placing on the front door, bedside, bathroom floor, at the kitchen sink – cotton rugs are incredibly versatile.

Jaipur Cotton Braided Rugs CBR03 Peppercorn Brown Rug SKU CBR03

Jaipur Cotton Braided Rugs CBR03 Peppercorn Brown Rug

Hair-on-Hide Rugs

These rugs available at our rugsusa store are a favorite among homeowners and rug enthusiasts. They are crafted from high-quality cowhide and cut using precision to create beautiful contemporary designs and patterns. These pieces are stitched together to form elegant patterns which are then glued together on a cotton-latex backing. These rugs are a favorite among home owners in love with the contemporary design.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are made from a subtle blend of natural plants such as sisal and jute. In addition to the all-natural fiber material, these rugs also get a touch of latex to improve the cushioning and stability, which also increases the durability of the rugs. If you are looking to add a casual look to your home, then you should go for our natural fiber rugs which bring a neat neutral feel to your home. Natural fiber rugs are ideal for a weekend cottage as well.

Casual Natural Fiber Beige Ivory Jute Rug SKU 36068-58

Casual Natural Fiber Beige Ivory Jute Rug

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are arguably the most preferred rugs because of their tendency to feel soft and warm and gentle on your toenails. At our rugsusa, we have the widest collection of hand woven/tufted wool rugs available in different designs to suit your living space and complement your interior décor. Our rugs are made from 100 percent wool and come in different attractive colors and patterns such as neutrals, traditional, sculptured and artistic.

Rugsville Nolan Persian-Style Beige Wool Rug 39012 SKU 39012

Rugsville Nolan Persian-Style Beige Wool Rug

Wool is a favorite among home owners due to its dirt-resistance characteristics due to the presence of natural oils. We recommend using wool rugs for high-traffic spaces such as kitchens, hallways, at the front door because it is very durable and does not stain easily.

If you are looking for cotton rugs, wool rugs, natural fiber rugs or rugs made from cow hide, you are sure to find it at our rugsusa stores countrywide. Check our online store to view different types, designs and patterns of rugs you are sure to fall in love with.

About Rugsville Brand

logoWhen it comes to area rugs, one of the most famous brands is Rugsville. One thing you need to know about Rugsville brand is that it has thousands of rugs from the top weavers, importers, and manufacturers from the world. And the best thing about the brand is that they guarantee the best prices available anywhere.

Rugsville offers a wide range of area rugs from some of the top manufacturers in the world. They make sure that their items are of exceptional quality. Their mission is to provide the best and latest designs at affordable prices.

For years, the Rugsville brand has built its reputation as the go-to rugs supplier. Their staff has the experience and knowledge to make sure that customers get what they are looking for, whether it is for their home or business.

Since the time the brand was established, Rugsville has been synonymous with top quality area rugs anywhere in the world. They provide the best rugs for residential and business needs. No other brand can guarantee the lowest price on quality rugs.

There are several reasons why people say only the nicest things about Rugsville Brand. For one, their area rugs provide comfort, cushion, and warmth over a wood, tile, or concrete floor. They also have rugs that increase the aesthetic value of the room. Some items are considered artwork for the floor.

Designers look for the Rugsville brand when they need to design the interior of a home. Once they have the right rug, they choose the colors of the walls, and other elements to complement the rug. Designers know that when they buy the brand, they get quality rugs that will last for a long time. That’s the same reason why it is also the preferred brand of contractors, business owners, and other smart consumers.

One thing about Rugsville brand that makes it stand out from its competitors is that they continue to be updated with what’s going on in the industry. That way they can provide top class products year after year. With Rugsville, consumers have more options when it comes to style, texture, and color. They have rugs that are not found anywhere else.

Rugsville’s goal is to exceed the expectations of their customers by providing them with high-quality products, greater value, and outstanding customer service. It is their way to ensure that the end consumer is satisfied with their purchase. As a world leader in quality and style in the area rug industry, they are proud to offer consumers with the best that’s available on the market.

And those are just some of the things you need to know about Rugsville brand. Be sure to remember the name the next time you are looking for an area rug.